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Posted on 01 August 2015

Just wanted to update our blog and let everyone know an update with the initial launch of our brand. We launched the brand July 24th, and in our eyes it was a success. The sales were great to have for the brand of course to grow our brand. The thing that was amazing though was customers related to our brand and took a chance on us. It was just something deep down that felt great with the brand because all the time that went into building it. Just to see it flourish and really touch people in the world was a great accomplishment. Another thing that we knew was the customer experience was going to be awesome so the confidence level is high. Thanks to all the customers for the support. If you haven't heard of Absolution Apparel Co. believe me you will. Another positive experience for the brand is we are featured on two blog sites. A big shout out to Hideyourarms  you can see the article here and T-shirtmagazineonline. You can also view there article here. These guys took a chance on our brand and we are very grateful for them. If you would like to check out there site with our review I will put the links at the bottom of this post. So for now until the next post for our brand I wish I could tell you what its going to entail but I cant. So just stay tuned for updates with the brand but believe me we will not keep you all in the dark. For another update though before we go here are some images for the brand behind the scenes. Thanks to everyone for there support.

 These two T-shirts are Frenemies and








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