Posted on 18 August 2015

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The latest news on the brand well we have been featured on another blog. Iloveyourtshirt has featured us on there blog and we just wanted to give them a special thanks for that. Head on over to the site and view there article about us.


It is becoming so real day by day with the brand. What I mean by that is the brand instantly takes form into your daily life routine. From working full time, having kids and just can feel overwhelming at times. Either its to marketing or packaging orders or is it finding key ways to get your brands name out there. Getting your brands name out there is happening each day little by little. Those simple things I feel I'm doing with the brand each day are going to make the difference one day. My friends sometimes even family don't understand it because they are simple things to do but they are simple also not to do. I feel like that's the key to my success and other peoples failures. Don't get me wrong I have failed at doing things probably a handful of times already starting this brand. I feel it is alright to fail at things you don't know. This is the tuition I must pay for the things I don't really understand. The best thing you can take from failing is what not to do the next time. It all comes down to learning from your mistakes, and if it doesn't look right do it over until it feels right. Despite the slow climb of getting the brand out there it feels great to stand by my product knowing I did everything the right way and never putting anything out into the world if it didn't feel right to me. This brand has my name attached to it so we wanted to do everything to the best of our ability. So on a ending note with all this we thank every one for there support with the brand. We thank everyone also for there advice personally or to the people we have met online also you guys are really good people. If you want to stay updated with the brand about new products coming our or just news about the brand please subscribe to our newsletter.

On another update we ran a contest on twitter and congratulations to @JawaanBrown from Orlando FL. Gave him the choice of which shirt he wanted. Jawaan has chosen our Envy design. We have shipped your shirt and is on the way as we speak. Thanks for your participation in our contest giveaway and hope you can support the brand in the future also.






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