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Posted on 27 August 2015

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Absolution Apparel Co.

     Wow where to start with this site. Well first things first after reading my blog go check these guys out INDIEMINDED
Well it was a honor first of all to be featured on such an incredible site that personally does so much more for a community, then we ever could do just selling our T-shirts. The service that these guys do for the independent artists all around the world is incredible. Big players in making a big impact in the world for startups such as myself and music artists and everything creative a person might be doing. They have a huge Boston music scene that features new and upcoming bands that are rocking it right now. Also in this scene covering all the music festivals coming out of Boston also. If you ever have been to Boston it's beautiful there and yes the city there knows how to have a good time lets just say. Also to there services they offer for music artists getting exposure is incredible. If its to there music video, new song, live show or tour, and also social media support. So if you're into the music world or know someone that is please recommend these guys to them it could be a real shot for them. Now I guess I have to write a little bit of how we fit in today's blog. Well I will keep it short about us because its all about these guys today. They also offer a fashion section to there website. Honestly its why I'm so happy to be here writing about them today. They offer new tees for the day and also new tees on the rise. They even have a section where they put your brand in the spotlight. Also write an article about your company and give you that exposure to all of there readers. So yea pretty jacked up about what these guys do with there day and giving a shot to all of us out here creating indie in the world. If you are reading this and also starting a clothing brand please reach out to these guys. One more thing never give up keep pushing forward its not easy believe me. If its where you know you belong and it feels right do everything to the best of your ability. DON'T QUIT!!
    So I close the blog just giving credit all to these guys today at Indie Minded in what they are doing worldwide. Thank you for all your support with our brands journey and thank you for giving us our dream and letting us swim in the moment of what we love doing everyday. Check these guys out and don't forget to check Indieminded.com out.

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