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Posted on 23 October 2015

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Super excited today to be writing this blog post. We have just been reviewed on our latest t-shirts from I'am the trend. Lets just say I have watched there show for years. Some what of my inspiration has came from watching these guys and listening to there feedback on other clothing brand reviews. Adam Hendel was doing the show when I stumbled upon the website. He would do these reviews of well known clothing brands and also start up clothing brands from around the world. I was so entertained of course because it had to do with fashion. Adam would grade these brands on the 4 P's. Packaging, Presentation, Print, and Price these are the grading scale of the review. Well this was about 2013 I was hooked on the show. I believe Adam had left the show but now he is back. We're just super stoked about being on I'am the trend TV. So if you haven't please watch the video below of our review and get a taste of the show. Also head over to there website and watch the show to see hundreds of other clothing brands as well. This post wasn't made all about us today this one is really dedicated to I'am the trend for all they do for the clothing brand world. After you watch the show of course subscribe to there Youtube channel and follow them on twitter @iamthetrend. So can't stress enough to you guys to check them out and I know there will be something content wise on the website that will reel you in. Check out the link above for there website.

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