End of 2015

Posted on 01 January 2016

New Year

Absolution Apparel Co. 2016

Just wanted to start off 2015 was a great year that the brand got started. This past year has taught be so much about people and the brand in general. As you know it we launched in July of 2015 we had no idea it would be of this magnitude. As we go into the new year lets not forget the influences and experiences we have learned throughout our lives. This brand is all about learning from what we have came from and where we want to go as a brand. Be proud who you are and its not geared to one individual if the design moves you then you should have it. We came out with 4 initial designs and took off from there. Currently we have grown and added two new tees and beanies to the shop. All this concludes is that we believe in this brand and by saying we believe is you believe that this brand can exist. Without the fans we fold and become nothing in the marketplace we need to relate in whats real. Its not one demographic that shall inherit our garments, it should be what moves the individual that buys what they want to buy. Stand out even if it is alone and for what it means be relate able . I wanted to write this post for the brand because we have a lot of things going on in mind. If its to the terrorist or war over seas. Either way it is something real that has happened in 2015. Whatever side you take please know that your entitled to your own opinion. In fact isn't the internet have given us all our own opinion on any matter in the world. Thats the key in creating anything beautiful is that you have to be true to yourself. Design for us and hope people follow what you have created. What sets the brand apart and people to recognize that hey this guy is doing everything it took to make it noticed. With a family its time that sets a brand apart from the others. Will you give up your time? Does it lead into fights and arguments with your significant other to fulfill your dream? Does it include staying up late working on packages or envisioning whats to come for the brand. Which ever is to come I'm ready because its what I live to do and what I will do dying to this day. The brand is my life's long work and what to be remembered by. I know to our readers this is such a long stretch, but in time you will know that this is what I was to do in destiny in life. So I have heard a lot in the recent years "What are you doing"? Why dont you just quit"? 

 Just turned back go home. Go back where you came from. Keep doing what you have been doing. Don't shake what works. F*** that keep shaking that tree and working new knowledge out of it and become successful. Being tired and only going home will make you lost in the process. Get out in the world and learn more, learn new ways, and be with new people that will make you the person you need be.

Keep running into those walls of failure. Yes you heard me right, it takes those failures to understand what we do right and wrong. Sometimes we only do wrong cause we hurt at the end. Hurt is the only thing that makes us learn, it makes us pay attention to what is right. Keep moving forward to our dreams is what makes us great and achieve greatness as human beings. To NFL players or any other sports player that is we have a agenda to ourselves to be the best we can be at all times. 

Stop running away from yourself. As a brand we have established that we have to be unique in this line of work. That is what we set out to be in the next year to come. Please believe we are coming and big brands will know who we are. But its not all about that. We want to make great product but to believe in the fan itself. You too can change your life be persistent, be real to you, and be the person you were suppose to be. So until the next post be true to yourself and them around you. This is what develops character and defines who you are. Its the only thing that are brand will revolve around. Thanks for reading hope you have a happy new year. Please believe and make every change count. After all its your own life that depends on it. 

More to come for our brand so be on the look for us. We will be rolling out updates for our spring drop this coming year. To be the first to know of that important drop date or latest deals and coupons sign up for our newsletter. Also with doing that you will receive 10% off or total order today. Looking forward to building another year will you be there along with us well hope so. Take care -Josh

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