Best Streetwear Look for Men this Spring 2017

Posted on 07 March 2017

Best Look for Men This Spring 2017

"You can either be a work of Art or Wear One"—Oscar Wilde

Streetwear what is it and how do we define it. Are you truly urban or merely know it? Men have their own way of style, walk and talk. The generations are evolved and built a great passage for the men's fashion wear. The streetwear fashion is commonly known for its casual look even in your pajamas, however, we have turned that particular concept in a completely a new methodology.

Follow a trend or be your own trendsetter this spring 2017. Find out what's ruling on the streets in men's wear to adopt some great ideas and bring quite an innovation in your closet.

1.    Baggy Shaped T-shirts

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Streetwear is all about loose and unshaped clothing but keep it in a style. This fashion represents just like a boho-chic trend in women. Going out with a printed knee length shorts and baggy t-shirts would not make your look awful however it will give people a second glance at you. T-shirts with statements printed would also be a good choice. Blend the colors in an appropriate way so that it makes you stand out from others.

2.    White Sneakers

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The more sport enthusiast you look, the more you will be spotted. White sneakers are sneaking in almost in every closet this spring. You can put them with half turned trousers or even knee length shorts to make a style statement. These shoes tend to play a great role in any attire, as they are alpha and omega for any streetwear. Make sure you make a contrast to your outfit wit these white sneakers which mean you might go for bright hues or dark shades like black, olive green, navy blue and hues like that.

3.    Sweatpants

Streetwear Sweatpants

Incorporating different elements in one outfit embraces the concept of a streetwear and if you put high-end sweatpants, it forms a complete streetwear look. These sweatpants can be worn with baggy T-shirts with a bit of swagger to the look. Make sure that you won't put on these pants with high tailored outfits like formal blazers or double breasted blazers.

4.    Tortoise Shell Eyewear


Since such shapes of sunglasses have appeared in the recent runways by men's fashion designers. Its embrace the streetwear look due to its undertone shades. Be mindful before choosing an eye-wear according to your face shape and color of your outfit. However, dull tones in the shape of sunglasses can compliment any shape. Shop for this streetwear look this coming spring 2017 to stand out with indivdual style.

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