Embrace the 90s fashion trends once again

Posted on 19 November 2016

90's Fashion Revival 

 90s fashion trends

The saying ‘history repeats itself’ is very true when it is about the fashion world!
Trends and styles come and go and some of them make its entry again after decades. And same is with 90’s fashion trends! They are reborn again in 2016 and that also with a bang. Whether it is a bomber jacket over sized , branded sweats from your youth, ripped jeans or all time favorite fabric like leather and denim, which was popular in 90’s fashion, is popular once again and everyone is spotted wearing their favorite 90’s fashion trends.
It can be said the 90’s fashion is going through a huge revival in 2016 and also the designers, brands and celebs are embracing the modernized and revived 90’s fashion pieces into their modern looks.
Let's take a look at the top 90’s fashion that is famous once again in 2016 with its revived stylish designs and spotted on many celebs:


90's Fashion Men's Overalls 

90's Fashion Men's Overalls - 2

Overalls one of the favorite outfits when we were kids back in the 90s and they are back and not just for kids anymore. The trend of men’s overall in 90’s became famous when Will smith was spotted wearing one in his show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and they are again back in 2016 with altered and modernized looks.

Heritage logos

90's Fashion Tommy Hilfiger

This trend is a resurgence of the 90's fashion, coming back with full force. Leading brands like CK and Tommy Hilfiger are reviving the 90s fashion trends and bringing nostalgic clothes like logo tees and sweatshirts, branded underwear and more.

Flannel shirts

90's Fashion Flannel Shirts

One of the famous 90’s fashion trends among men and women is once again back with a bang and have been spotted on many men. So either wear it or tie it around your waist when it’s too hot, but it has to be there in your wardrobe

Round sunglasses

90s fashion round sunglasses

The most loved by all back in the 90s has taken a rebirth again. Round sunglasses are spotted on most of the youngsters as they really add edginess to any fashion outfit

Bright hats

The trend that was once started by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith has made a comeback again in 2016 and many Millennials are spotted wearing colorful headgear like bucket hat or a floral snapback. You can also try out this trend but be careful with what you are pairing it as it every outfit it can’t be pleasing to eyes.

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Bold patterns

Bold patterns like florals and geometric shapes on a hat, shirts, pants or jackets were very much seen in 90's fashion trends and are back in trend once again. Many fashion icons have been seen blending the patterns together to create a fashionable mixture of bold prints. This trend will surely give you a unique look if you create a perfect blend of patterns which is a little bit tricky. So have fun with it!

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans came back in style with a full bang as a 90’s fashion revival. May it be skinny, mom, boyfriend or cropped, ripped jeans are the hottest denim trend seen in teenagers and adults as well.

90s fashion ripped denim

So in all fairness we can conclude that fashion will always recycle itself and reemerge in some sort of fashion. Things that we say are cool now wont be in a few years and honestly it will piggy back off another style we were once into. Love it or hate it no matter what dress how you want. That is really what fashion is all about expressing yourself through the apparel we wear. Like I always say when you look good you will always feel good. Thanks for reading our article on how 90's fashion has recycled itself into our current time period. 

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