Mens Haircuts for 2016

Posted on 27 April 2016

Mens Hairstyles 2016

Trendy Mens Haircuts

There’s no denying that men haircuts are always changing so when a new year arrives, we do get new tendencies in the case of mens hairstyles and that’s always nice. With that in mind, here is an idea on which are the best hairstyles that you can check out.

High Fade Pompadour

Image Credits Mens Hairstyles Today

This particular one is maybe the best out of the whole hairstyles for men list. It’s refined, and it also looks amazingly well. For a man that likes to showcase his appeal, this style is definitely great!

Long hair with shorter sides

Image Credits Mens Hair

The idea to have this type of men haircuts is not new, but the look is very good which is why the trend does continue quite a lot. And the fact that you can have long hair with shorter sides does bring some immense opportunities which is always a plus.

High fade with long hair on top

Image Credits High Fade Long top

Having this type of mens hairstyles is common for men that want a daring look or which go clubbing. It’s an amazing look for sure, and well worth checking out!

Medium length skin fade and beard

Image Credits Charlie Cullen

Sometimes combining this type of hairstyles for men with a suitable beard style can be very neat. It’s all about the results that you can get, and with this type of men haircuts you can surely make an impact.

Short sides longer hair with texture on top

Image Credits Younger Men Style Tutorial 

Of course, styles like these are suitable for the younger men but they do deliver a great value as a whole. It’s a good idea to

Fine hard part plus high fade

Image Credits Cesar Flores

Image Credits Bolin Barber

A combination like this will always bring in front fun and innovation all while making you stand out. It’s not the easiest type of men haircuts out there, but it does offer an intricate look.

Bald fade

A good bald fade will always offer you a very interesting appeal which is why checking out this type of mens hairstyles. It’s not uncommon to combine it with other ideas as well which is always interesting!

Medium length textured hair and short sides

Image Credits Hair Cuts Hair Styles

Image Credits Morris Motley

Textured hair is always trendy and more men haircuts tend to integrate it because of that. It’s a very high quality hairstyle so you should totally check it out.

Disconnected high fade with long hair blown dry

Image Credits Javi The Barber

Image Credits Menshairstyletrends

It might not be the easiest one when compared to other hairstyles for men but it does deliver a very good value. It’s also one of the most visually impressive men haircuts!

Balded fade and long loose hair

Image Credits Mens hair style trends

Sure, it’s not the ultimate choice for older men, but the younger ones do like this type of mens hairstyles because of the rebel look and the unique appeal that it provides. It’s by far one of the most interesting ones if you want a one of a kind look.

As you can see, there are many hairstyles for men that you can check out so all you need is to figure out which one is the best by trying them out. Remember, some of them cater to younger audiences but you can easily take your own spin of them even if you are past 30 for example. So just give them a shot and you are bound to like them!

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