Paris Fashion Week Streetwear Trends

Posted on 10 March 2017

The Biggest Streetwear Trends from Paris Fashion Week


Paris Fashion Week just ended, and as expected, the designers delivered some of the most talked about collections in recent years.  But the real attraction was the street style of the show attendees.  PFW has always been more adventurous than its Italian, British and American counterparts.  This season was no exception to the rule.  Considering this was a women’s week, the ladies delivered.  Most notably, Nicki Minaj roamed around Paris in a purple visor and with one of her breasts hanging out (a la Lil’ Kim from the 1999 VMAs).  The men, however, really impressed with some breathtaking and daring style moves that guys around the world will be imitating in no time.


Oversized Outerwear

Judging by the guys on the Paris Fashion Week, it’s no longer cool to wear a jacket or coat that fits.  For so long, slim bomber jackets have been tailored to hug the body and make even the slimmest guy look like a physique competitor.  This season, however, the silhouette wasn’t just looser.  It was huge.  There were army jackets that hung to the knee and opened wide enough to cover two people.  Black trenches hung almost to the floor.  Canada Goose bubble jackets took on more of a rugged edge in XXL.  Regardless of the guy’s size, the message was clear that fitted jackets are out.  Oversized outerwear is in.

Paris Fashion Week Army Jackets



Suede jackets used to be something your dad would wear.  It was a piece he’d buy at Wilson Leather and throw on to look good for a night out with his old lady.  But the modern version is avant garde.  ¾-length suede jackets, suede bombers, suede biker jackets and pretty much any jacket style you could think of were seen around Paris.  One guy even paired his suede blazer with a suede turtleneck and suede joggers.  You may not want to go as overboard as that guy but it’s clear that suede should be on your shopping list this season.

Suede Blazer Paris Fashion Week


Loose Trousers

Skinny jeans may still be the reigning fit in men’s fashion, but relaxed fit jeans and trousers have been making a comeback the last few seasons.  This was quite obvious at PFW.  Whether it was a pair of cuffed flannel slacks or some light blue denim, the fit was loose.  These men seemed to find the common ground between comfort and style.  There’s something about the aesthetic that feels vintage and screams 1990 (in a good way).  Slowly but surely, men are moving away from wrapping their legs in tight pants like sausages.  A chic alternative is emerging that allows guys the necessary room to breathe.


Unconventional Layering

When it comes to layering, there are some basic rules.  Don’t wear clashing patterns.  Only incorporate one pop color.  Keep the inner hems shorter than the outer hems.  However, the men of Paris don’t care about these rules.  Layering is no longer a concentrated style that focuses on consistency or matching.  Save that stuff for amateurs.  In one example, a daring man layered a plaid Macintosh over a denim jacket and grey hoodie.  He completed the look with white chinos.  Everything about the look would seem terribly mismatched on the average guy.  But somehow, this gent pulled it off and made it look cohesive.  There were others like him.  An older gent who wore a tweed blazer, nautical sweater, orange t-shirt and paisley scarf.  There aren’t really any rules for layering well.  It seems the only requirement is confidence.

Paris Fashion Week 2



Perhaps wearing neutrals isn’t anything revolutionary.  Men have been wearing black, gray, navy and white for ages.  They’re classic colors that will be around for centuries to come.  Though the Paris men used it to make a statement.  Take for instance one attendee who took “all black everything” to the 10th power.  He wore a flowing trench, blazer, turtleneck, pants, belt and dad hat all in black.  Each piece varied slightly in tone, creating just enough variation to tell the pieces apart.  It was an impossibly stylish outfit that was captivating despite being so heavily concentrated in one color.


Whether you’re an average guy looking to liven up things a little or a daredevil who wants to turn heads, there are plenty of moves to steal from the best dressed men of Paris Fashion Week.

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