Nike Air Foamposite 1 Royal OG Releasing 2017

Posted on 28 January 2017

Air Foamposite 1 from Nike

Release Date January 27th, 2017

Air Foamposite 1 Nike

Release Date Janurary 27, 2017

Look for the Nike Air Foamposite One XX “Royal” to release at select Nike Sportswear retail stores. The retail price tag is set at $230 USD.

You can also find them available now via eBay.

Basketball is a favorite sport of many. Unlike other sports, footwear plays a significant role in the game of basketball. It is fascinating to see that the basketball players are almost synonymous with their choice and the selection of the footwear. During initial days, most of the basketball players opted for the high-top sneakers from known brands like Nike. With the advancement of the game and availability of more options, times are changing in this segment too. Air Foamposite 1 from Nike is the latest entrant in the sneakers segment, which is specifically designed for sports or other forms of physical exercises.

The Nike Air Foamposite One was released in 1997. The sneaker remains on top with high performance built with a well constructive upper and a collection of iridescent colors. The innovative technology used for it has not only provided a distinctive structure fit for a human foot, but also impressive in designs. Chosen by Penny Hardaway, the sneaker ultimately became an icon on the hardwood and street. Being a product of Nike Basketball, the Foam One is among one of elite sneakers worn by not only players but those who are sneakerheads as well.

Penny Hardaway Air Foamposite 1

What makes Air Foamposite 1 different?

· They are designed to help the basketball players to maneuver and execute their moves excellently.
· They minimize the risk of injuries during practice and game of basketball.
· With the latest design, they give a distinct appeal and comfort to the player.
· Boost players confidence and attitude

Nike Air Foamposite 1 - Absolution Apparel Co.

Deep dive into history and importance of sneakers

Basketball as a sport gained immense popularity in the early 1900s at the high school and collegiate levels. Sneakers always played an important role in the game skills as they provide extra support around the ankle. The sneakers are designed in a way that the rear of the shoe extends up above the ankle bone and the extra lacing helps in keeping the ankle joint stable.
Basketball shoes from different brands differ in various ways such as their design, size, material, cushioning, price, traction, and structure. Perfectly chosen basketball sneakers have the power to enhance the performance and the overall image as a basketball player.

Nike Air Foamposite 1 Sneakers

Why sneakers play a distinct role in basketball

Basketball sport requires agility and constant running & jumping on the field. Players need to take various moves and changes in direction constantly during the play. The high-impact movements during the game put a tremendous amount of pressure on the ankle. Without a proper support around the ankle area, a player’s ankles can easily wobble and become unstable. It might result in a series of injuries, sprains in the ankle and severe pain. Adding to this, the weight of the player can put even more stress on the vulnerable ankle joints. Basketball shoe preferences matter a lot in the game because unlike any other sport, shoes are the only equipment a basketball player plays with. The choice of the comfortable and sturdy basketball sneakers becomes very important.

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