Our Story

    Absolution Apparel Co. was officially launched  in July of 2015. Josh Parsley and Michael Jones the founders had a simple idea with a vision to design and create high quality items. Josh which actually has a background in business and graphic design. Josh grew up mostly in Maryland his whole life. He attended many schools throughout his childhood. Josh did then finish out school in Pennsylvania. Again he did go off to college and had a passion for graphic design and for business school. He never did graduate though. Something just didn't feel right it just didnt have the same vision as Josh was expecting. College might be for some people but Josh knew the answers he wanted wasn't there. So he found himself more and more brainstorming about taking what he knew with graphic design and putting to use in the clothing industry. 
    Mike also grew up in Maryland. With his parents being from the west indies, he always saw how hard his parents worked to make it the U.S. He understood that he needed more than just the average life for him and his family. After a tough childhood, he realized that there had to be more to life than just working everyday. With no formal training, Mike relies on his creative, sometimes out there sense of fashion and style. With a love for sneaker collecting as well as his west indian backround, Mike incorporates it all to create unique pieces to push Absolution Apparel forward.
    Absolution Apparel Co. wasn't created with any formal business plan. Josh and Michael both had fairly little or if any background in the clothing/fashion business. Rather then following the things he learned in school. He went against the grain and applied his common sense and just did research and more research and guess what yes more research. Josh always found the best way he learned was by doing anyway. Trial and error has played a part in our brand many of times. As a company we never rush anything design wise just to please the masses. We only want to produce high quality items that we would wear ourselves. Call it OCD or whatever you'd like but we never produce an item until we are a hundred percent satisfied.
   Absolution Apparel as of right now is a family affair. Most likely always will be. Josh has stated over time and time again he will always want something to do with every aspect of the business. The company is like a child. You will watch over everything the company does and guide it through life. Protect it, cherish it and be proud at its greatest accomplishments. So if its to the photography, packaging, designing you name it. It all came from him somehow. Also Joshuas wife handles all the customer service and social media as well. So trully will always be a family business.
    Absolution Apparel draws inspiration from our own lives and street culture from around the world. We want to develop products for a generation in need of exposing a new means of expressing themselves. Our brand is all about motivating the individual and speaking to them deep down by relating hopefully to there own lives. We knew from the start our quality for our products was something we wanted to make us stick out from the rest of brands out there. Highest quality is all you will ever get from Absolution Apparel Co. This could be to your super soft t-shirt, and to your hhno feel print on the shirt. Maybe it could be just to the unexpected goodies with your package. Our brand had to be anything short of perfect. Before creating the brand, one thing in our lives that we wanted to be express would be to have no more regrets. Absolution apparel is located right outside of York Pennsylvania. For two guys that have a vision for top quality, great designs , and a lot of attention to detail we give you Absolution Apparel Co. Hope you enjoy the brand. Thanks again for checking us out. Any questions please ask on our contact page.
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